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At Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production, our hearts beat for storytelling. We are story weavers, crafting narratives that dance on the silver screen, igniting emotions, and leaving behind a kaleidoscope of colors in your memory.

Who We Are

In March 2024, Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production emerged as a film production company in Dubai from the collective vision of fervent filmmakers, writers, and artists. We believe in films' unparalleled ability to bridge culture, evoke powerful emotions, and drive positive transformation.

"Al Bait Al Aswad" translates to "The Black House," a space shrouded in mystery and brimming with potential. Like the enigmatic black house, our stories hold hidden depths waiting to be explored. Our goal has always been to enrich the art of filmmaking. We offer a distinct and genuine perspective deeply inspired by the vibrant culture of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area.

What Makes Us Different?

Cultural Authenticity and Diversity

Our storytelling reflects the diverse spirit of the MENA region, ensuring genuine representation that resonates internationally

Innovative Storytelling

We innovate beyond the ordinary, delivering genuine portrayals that provoke thought and inspire action.

High Production Quality

Despite being relatively new, our artistic and cultural film production company maintains the highest production standards, ensuring our films rival those of established players.

Emerging Talent Support in Filmmaking

We provide filmmaking workshops, training, and other mentorship opportunities to help amateur filmmakers cultivate their skills.

Engagement with Local and Global Audiences

Our films serve as cultural connectors, enhancing understanding through the power of cinema.

Collaborative and Inclusive Approach

We actively pursue partnerships with industry experts and cultural institutions - especially those interested in investing in film projects in Dubai - which helps us establish a profoundly prosperous, inclusive, and creative environment.

Meaningful Content

Our projects explore relevant themes, sparking conversations and inspiring positive change.

Film Distribution and Marketing Strategies

We utilize innovative marketing strategies and numerous campaigns to ensure our films reach a diverse global audience.

Integration of AI Technology

We embrace cutting-edge AI tools to enhance our filmmaking process's quality, efficiency, and personalisation.

The Rest Room Movie: A Journey of Passion and Collaboration

Our debut film, "The Rest Room" is the Al Bait Al Aswad Productions project that exemplifies our dedication and the essence of our collaborative spirit. The experience has been profoundly rewarding and has been marked by brainstorming sessions, meticulous script revisions, and spirited discussions on themes and characters.

Every stage has been an opportunity to learn, grow and stretch the limits of our creativity.

Join Us!

We cordially welcome you to engage in our narrative. We offer something for everyone, be it a movie buff, an aspiring director, or a potential investor:

Film Enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in diverse and compelling stories beyond mainstream cinema.

Investors and Financial Backers

Discover promising projects with high potential returns in a competitive market.

Film Industry Professionals

Work with us on creative and challenging projects in an inviting and professional environment.

Aspiring Filmmakers and Artists

Our training programs and mentoring can help you hone your abilities, acquire real-world experience, and exhibit your potential.

Cultural and Art Communities

See yourself reflected in authentic narratives celebrating cultural diversity.

General Public and Moviegoers

Experience high-quality, thought-provoking films that entertain and inspire.

Media and Press

Uncover engaging newsworthy stories about our projects and the future of filmmaking.
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Our Most Popular Services


Our pre-production services ensure that your film is well-planned and executed, laying the foundation for a successful memorable film.


We use the latest post-production techniques to enhance your film and create a unique visual style that matches your brand.

Film Production

We create captivating films that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your target audience.

What Our Clients Say


AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production was a joy to work with. They brought our vision to life with their exceptional skill and attention to detail. We’re thrilled with the final product!

Our team

Meet Our Talented Team of Film Production Experts at AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production

Abdulhamid Ali

Founder & CEO

Ahmed Abdulla

Art Production Manger

Client Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Working with AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production was a dream come true. Their creativity and attention to detail are unmatched, and their ability to bring our vision to life was truly remarkable.


AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production is simply the best. Their team is incredibly talented, and their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work.


AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production is the only production company we trust. Their ability to bring our ideas to life is unparalleled, and their commitment to quality is unwavering.


The team at AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production is unparalleled. Their expertise in every aspect of film production is evident in the quality of their work. We couldn't be happier with the final product.

Explore our website further to learn more about Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production, “The RestRoom,” and the exciting projects we have in store. Let’s embark on this cinematic journey together!
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