About Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production

Where Creativity Meets Passion

Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production is where a passionate team collaborates to craft unforgettable cinematic experiences. We believe in film’s transformative power and the significance of sharing stories that resonate deeply with the human spirit.

Our Story

A Shared Dream, a Cinematic Reality

Established in March 2024 by Abdulhamid Ali (Filmmaker), Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production UAE is more than just a film company; it's a collaborative dream realized. Our story starts with a group of enthusiastic authors, filmmakers, and artists brought together by a shared vision to create visually stunning and culturally significant stories for television and cinema.

Our motivation stems from our conviction that movies have the ability to:

Bridge Cultures

We foster understanding and appreciation for different points of view by reaching beyond geographical limits.

Evoke Emotions

Our narratives profoundly impact viewers, igniting discussions and leaving a lasting impression.

Inspire Change

We believe that movies can spark constructive shifts in society. Therefore, we believe in playing an active role in it.

Creativity, Collaboration, and Excellence


We embrace innovative ideas and narratives that defy conventional filmmaking norms to produce captivating and original experiences.


We believe in the power of collaboration. And that’s why our team cultivates a supportive and inclusive environment where diverse voices and perspectives are appreciated.


From screenplay development to post-production, we strive to produce films that meet the highest quality standards.

Our team

Our team is the heart and soul of Al Bait Al Aswad Art Production. We are a diverse group of skilled experts who have joined hands to create a production house brimming with knowledge and innovation. Our professional team—from our creative director to committed editors and imaginative cinematographers—works harmoniously to bring your vision to reality.

Abdulhamid Ali

Founder & CEO

Abdulhamid Ali

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in the film industry, Abdulhamid’s vision and expertise have helped AL Bait Al Aswad Art Production become a leading production company. He is passionate about storytelling and the art of filmmaking.

Ahmed Abdulla

Art Production Manger

Ahmed Abdulla

Art Production Manger

Ahmed is skilled at managing art production and has worked on various media projects. He has a bachelor’s degree in media and graphic design.
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