The Rest Room

From script to screen.Set in the unlikely confines of a mall’s bathroom,
this film delves deep into the human psyche and emotions

About The Movie

Deep into the human psyche and emotions

Unlikely Settings, Unfolding Stories

“The Rest Room” is a psychological thriller set in the most ordinary of places—a mall bathroom. This setting becomes the stage for an extraordinary exploration of human emotions and interactions, as the film delves into the hidden depths of its characters’ lives and the unforeseen circumstances that bring them together.

Unity in Unforeseen Circumstances

In “The Rest Room,” seven strangers find themselves trapped, leading to an unexpected journey of self-discovery and shared experiences. As their stories unfold, the film beautifully captures the indomitable spirit of humanity and the profound connections that can arise in moments of crisis, making us rethink the spaces and moments we often take for granted.


Abdulhamid Ali: Weaving Intrigue from Pen to Screen
Abdulhamid Ali began his journey into the world of storytelling at the age of 13, showcasing an innate talent for crafting engaging mysteries and dramas. His early start laid the groundwork for a prolific career that would span various mediums, from the written word to the visual narrative.
Known for his intricate plots and unexpected twists, Abdulhamid’s work encompasses a wide range of narratives, including novels and films. His ability to weave complex stories has resonated with audiences worldwide, making him a celebrated name in both literature and cinema.
In Dubai, Abdulhamid has embraced the role of an assistant director, where he brings his storytelling expertise to the cinematic realm. His dedication to bringing stories to life and pushing the boundaries of creativity ensures that each project he undertakes is imbued with depth, emotion, and innovation, captivating viewers and leaving a lasting impact.

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